Fire dancing

Fire spinning is as meditative and liberating as it is beautiful. I dance with Hula hoops, Poi, Fans and dragon staff, topped off with a fire crown and skirt. Watch this video to see these different tools in action. Each object is moved in a different style of dance. Magical substances such as sparkles and colored fire can be added to amaze and captivate. There are many way in which shows of these kind can be created from solo acts to as many as 5 person choreographed shows. From spectacular to mystical...

Fire hula-hoop, picture by Patrick van Bearle


Light shows

With the newest LED technology, Hula hoops and poi become even more magical to see! Colorful patterns decorate the air around the dancer with mandala and flower shapes. My programmable Hoops are capable of time-coding and are fully customizable in patterns and colors. As the team of Lights in Motion we have the features to create a complete high end Light show. With Visual Poi (capable of displaying detailed photo's and logo's), interactive LED wall visuals, and time-coded stage lights.

Led double hoop, picture by Luis Alfonso Gonzalez


Circus Arts

I believe the body has endless possibilities and I regularly train Aerials and acrobatics. 'Aerial' means flying and dancing in the air by either, aerial silks or Lyra. I like being up in the sky and enjoy the adrenaline that comes with it.  I push my boundaries and learn something new everyday!

Leggings by Tye Dye leggings



My favorite activity is Under Water modeling, but I enjoy doing fashion, dance and make-up shoots. I love a physical challenge and feel most motivated with mystical and fantasy themed projects. If you have a cool idea that seems to match me, don't hesitate and get in touch!

Paint by Bodypaint lily


I love creating different looks and costumes for my shows and projects.  real life mermaid, Mad Max style and enchanted fairy are among my favorites to create. Also I Swim and Transform as a mermaid! With unique and diverse swimmable tails and gracefull movements, I flow underwater and shine on land! Check out the Miscellaneous photo album for costumes, mermaiding and make-up examples. 

Elfia 2016 Picture by Bart van Engelen