Costumes & modeling

Photo by Celeste Veurman

I make or re-make most of my own costumes, often with a fantasy theme. This gives my acts a very unique and magical feel.

I am especially skilled in creating fire-proof and water-proof looks for my shoots and shows, and have learned a lot about what works in water or specific lighting. Also I own many professionally-made swimmable mermaid tails for dry and underwater use!

I've been modeling frequently since the age of 15 and though this has never been my main occupation I love doing this for personal or professional purposes. I particularly like creating light painting portraits with my fire and light props. See these photo's for some projects I have done.


Model and costume portfolio

This video is from a body paint session done by Bodypaint Lily, four time world champion. It took about 7 hours to paint, and was so worth it! The fairy design on my chest is inspired on my logo, and the rest a result of our brainstorming together throughout the process. I loved working with this artist who has such a similar style!