Photo by Rob Aarsen

I have been doing underwater shoots since 2018 and it's my favorite form of modeling. Being underwater while striking a pose is a challenge and very physically demanding... which I love!

See this video for underwater projects and photoshoots I have done so far, mostly in my self-made waterproof costumes.

Occasionally I teach underwater posing workshops and mermaid classes. I have a special affinity with ocean conservation and very motivated to do projects along this theme. 

This underwater video project is about coral conservation, made in Gili Meno, Indonesia with videographer Audita Harsono. Its a story of a lost mermaid who found a new home amongst underwater statues, erected to help the coral regrow.

See my video page for more underwater footage, and the gallery for other special underwater shoots.

Underwater promo video

Mermaiding for Coral reefs