Costumes & modeling

Appearance does matter

Photo by Celeste Veurman

Model and costume portfolio

An act without a unique costume isn't complete. And that’s why I make or re-make most of my own costumes. By wearing my own costumes, mostly inspired by fantasy, I’m able to create an act or picture that’s extraordinary in every kind of way. Although I don’t create costumes for clients, I’m happy to chat about it with you and see what’s possible. In the past, I designed costumes that fired the event I performed. 


What do I offer? I’m skilled in creating fire-proof and water-proof looks for my shoots and shows. After doing hundreds of acts and shoots, I know exactly what works in water, in the dark, with fire or LED lighting specific lighting. It’s also possible to do an underwater shoot with a mermaid: I own many professionally made swimmable mermaid tails for dry and underwater use. Besides creating costumes, I've been working as a model since the age of fifteen. With a background in movement acts, I know exactly what’s needed to create beautiful pictures.  

What I create

In this video you see a body paint session done by Bodypaint Lily, a four-time world champion. It took about 7 hours to paint and it was worth every minute. The fairy design on my chest is inspired by my logo. The other elements are the result of a brainstorming session with Bodypaint Lily.

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