Light show

Lightening up your world

Light show with LED costume

Photo at Game of Talents RTL4


Light show

Looking for a light show that brings your audience into a trance? Here I am! I turn darkness into light by creating an upbeat and flashy atmosphere that feels and looks good. With the latest LED technology, graceful movements and handmade costumes, I make sure your event will be one to remember. 

Based on your desires, I create light shows that suit your event and your audience. I use colorful patterns that change the music, and with my dance create mandala and flower shapes. As a unique touch, hula-hoop dancing is often the main element in my act. Interested? Together we’ll determine what light tools and LED costumes fit you and your audience to ensure a perfect fit. That’s how I’ll guarantee you magic with a futuristic touch. 

Good to know: I not only offer solo acts, but also multiple person choreographed shows 

Curious to my offer?

In this video below I proudly show you my newest light show in which I use the latest LED technology and high-level flow art skills. This show is fully programmed to the music creating a futuristic and magical effect!

In this video you get a glimpse of my full light show repertoire with all the equipment and light costumes I have in store. The combinations and possibilities are many, what enchantes you the most?

This video shows a themed act with my smart hoops and fans. I can program these to show specific colors and pictures to fit any theme. Combined here with one of my five kawaii outfits, created for a Halloween show for Moving Fire Arts.

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