Flowing through the ocean

Photo by Rob Aarsen

Underwater promo video

Bored of all those standard images? I’ve got something for you! Underwater movement is the perfect fit if you want to amaze your audience with something unique. For almost four years, I have offered underwater shoots. And to be honest: it’s my favorite form of modeling. Not only because I have a special affinity with ocean conservation and I want to raise awareness for ocean pollution and preservation, but also because I feel absolute freedom when I’m in the water. 


Although striking a pose underwater is challenging and very physically demanding, I make sure you and I can create extraordinary results. According to your desires and needs, I invent an underwater shoot that suits your wishes!

Dreaming about seeing a mermaid?

I get that! That’s why I’m more than ready to be a mermaid at your event. As a mermaid, I’ll entertain your guests in character, supported by my years of acting training or in a gracious movement act. If you are organizing an event that’s in possession of water, I’m able to entertain your audience by swimming around and looking very natural and at home underwater. 


Underwater dance

In this video you can get a glimpse of my dance style and the mesmerizing effect of underwater movement!

Mermaiding for Coral reefs

This underwater video project is about coral conservation, a subject very close to my heart. It was made at an underwater art sculpture that supports coral regrowth in Gili Meno, Indonesia with videographer Audita Harsono. It’s a story of a lost mermaid who found a new home amongst underwater statues

Want more? See my full underwater modeling portfolio!

In need of an underwater artist or a mermaid entertainer?